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The Nile

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Scripture for Today:  Psalm 24 :1 “The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it, the world and all who live in it.”

The mighty historic Nile was the scene ushering in the new millennium for our family.  We had the privilege of staying with friends in Cairo and experiencing a felucca on the water at the very instant of this momentous change!

The ancient Egyptians considered the Nile as a god, providing water, food and livelihoods.  The land of Egypt itself is said to be a “gift of the Nile.”  The Pharaoh of Egypt during Ezekiel’s day had the audacity to declare that the Nile was his and that he had made it! (Ezekiel 29:3 & 9)  God punished his arrogance and the misplaced trust of the people by scattering them and laying waste to the land for forty years.

What Pharaoh said was in direct opposition to the truth of today’s verse.  The earth belongs to the Lord.  He is its Creator and no one else can take from Him this credit.  Every beautiful river, every breathtaking mountain and every stunning sunset are all His creation.  That newborn babe is a product of His hands.  Giving Him the glory for His creation is the very least we can do in response.

We may not have Pharaohs saying such outrageous things today, but we do have something similar.  We hear terms like the “Big Bang Theory,” or even “Mother Nature.”  Whenever we ascribe credit to anything other than God’s creative hand, we are stealing the glory that is His due!  Not only does His creation give Him glory but it reveals what is invisible; His power and divine nature! (Romans 1:20)

I hope I never become jaded to His incredible creation.  Lord, may the wonder of Your work keep me awestruck and praising You.

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