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Blurry Vision

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Scripture for Today: II Corinthians 5:7 “For we walk by faith, not by sight.”

I recently had my eyes checked by an optometrist.  I knew there would be issues as this was a visit that was long overdue.  It is never a comfortable experience as different lenses are tried and vision is blurry for some of them.  The doctor was very kind and gentle always repeating, “Is this comfortable?”  The question was not if I could read a particular line of letters but if I was comfortable doing so.  We were finally able to reach that level of vision and comfort and I left with a new prescription.

Our verse for today speaks of a vision that is never very comfortable.  It is a vision using “eyes of faith” and goes against our natural inclination.  It is a vision that sees what the human eye cannot, but it requires faith.  Faith is assurance about what we do not see naturally (Hebrews 11:1).  And it is not always a comfortable experience.

The popular expression, “seeing is believing,” is an idiom that first appeared in 1639.  But the idea behind it was certainly expressed by the apostle, Thomas, when hearing of the resurrection of Jesus!  He was not willing to believe until he had seen concrete evidence with his own eyes.  Jesus lovingly and graciously gave him that visual evidence but explained that there was special blessing for those who believed without seeing.

Walking by faith will never be as comfortable as walking by sight.  But it is the only way to “see” the blessings of His love, His faithfulness and His care.  I cannot see what is ahead, but my “spiritual eyes” see Him holding my hand!  His blessings are well worth whatever discomfort there may be!

Lord, help me to see You more clearly today!



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