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Waking Up

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Scripture for Today: Psalm 3:5 “I lie down and sleep. I wake again, because the Lord sustains me.”

We miss our Tiger.  But one thing I do not miss is him waking us early in the morning.  The door was always closed but in our old house, he was able to push it open.  He would then jump on the bed and nudge us until we either threw him out or got up.  I can think of worse ways to wake up.  A blaring buzzer on the alarm pulls me out of sleep a little too rudely.  I can still remember my children waking me up with their first cry of the day.  Waking up is just sometimes hard to do.

Our verse for today makes me realize that it is a gift to wake up at all.  It is the Lord’s grace that allows me to lie down and sleep.  I am warm and protected with a roof over my head when so many do not have that privilege.  I awake without fear of danger or war and I awake in good health.  Waking up with joy in my heart is not my strong point.  Yet, I am convinced that it is the Lord who allows me to wake up to one more day.  He sustains my life.  Each breath and each heart beat occurs because He has allowed it.

The Lord of course, never slumbers or sleeps.  He watches me wake up and waits for me to turn my thoughts to Him.  Do I awake with thankfulness in my heart for His gift of life?  Or do my thoughts immediately turn to deadlines and pressures of the day?

If I have not said it yet today, “Good morning, Lord.  Thank you for allowing me another day.”

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