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Sparkling Water


753444421-sparkling-water-sparkling-drink-water-glass-carbonic-acidScripture for Today: Isaiah 12:3 “With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.”

I was never much interested in drinking sparkling water before living in France.  But it quickly became my drink of choice.  Now, I not only prefer it to flat water but I have my favorite brands.  I can taste the differing amounts of salt and the varying levels of carbonation.  Perhaps it is an acquired taste as so many of my friends want nothing to do with it!  For me, it looks pretty in a tall footed glass. The bubbles catch the light and seem to make the water more refreshing.  I especially appreciate that it has no calories!

Our verse for today is also about a different kind of water.  It is different because its source is a different kind of well.  Water is essential to life and this water is essential to eternal life.  We draw from the Source of salvation and He will never disappoint.  His water quenches the deepest longing of our souls.  When drawing from this well, we do so with joy and anticipation.

Jesus points out this “well of salvation” in John 4.  He calls Himself the “living water” that becomes a spring of water welling up inside to eternal life (verse 14).  We draw from this water with joy, knowing that His provision of salvation is all grace.  It is a gift.  And it is a gift that is for all time and completely satisfies.  There is no more thirst or striving for something more.  Nothing else in life can compare to the joy that is found in His presence.  He fills me up with that joy! (Psalm 16:11)

Perhaps the bubbles can represent the joy in this different water!  Thank you Lord, that You are my unending Source of refreshment and life!


2 thoughts on “Sparkling Water

  1. Enjoyed your blog. What kind of sparkling water is your favorite?


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