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Sleeping Security

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starbucks-security-guard-sleeping-on-duty-videoScripture for Today: Proverbs 4:23 “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”

I had to smile at this security guard asleep on the job.  He even has a cup of coffee in his hand, but his fatigue got the best of him!  Perhaps if he were standing instead of sitting, he could have stayed alert.  It seems unusual to post a guard at a Starbucks but perhaps this particular site was losing money from shoplifters.  With the security guard asleep on the job, there could have been all kinds of shoplifting without any consequences.  I would be surprised if this guard kept his job.

Our verse for today talks about the task of guarding our hearts.  It needs guarding as from it comes everything we think and do.  We guard our hearts because it is the center of our being, determining all of our choices and lifestyles.  For that reason, we guard what enters and we guard what comes out.

I would like to think that my mind is the source of everything I do.  My mind seems to be more easily controlled.  It can be taught, enlightened and stretched with new information.  Logic in decision making seems to make sense of what I do.  However, it never seems to work that way.  My head will say one thing and my heart quite another.  Emotions cloud the issue and veer me off course.  Somehow, knowing the best path does not always ensure that I take it.  My heart moves me in another direction.  Rather than trust my deceitful heart (Jer. 17:9) I need to guard it from betraying me.

Lord, I want to belong entirely to You.  Keep me awake and alert so that all that flows from my heart pleases You.


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