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Morning Routine

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Scripture for Today: Psalm 5:3 “In the morning, Lord, You hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before You and wait patiently.”

It is amazing how quickly morning routines are established, some with no thought at all.  We are creatures of habit and can easily fall into a routine that allows us to be on “auto pilot.”  It is easier for me to follow a set pattern of behavior, especially when first waking up.  However, some routines take tremendous motivation to establish.  There are exercise routines with which the mind agrees are important but the flesh resists!  There are eating routines that could be beneficial but difficult to follow.  The coffee habit on first awaking is one that would be difficult for me to change!

Our verse for today would be a good morning routine.  David chose the morning to lay out his requests before the Lord in prayer.  The first action of the day was to direct his thoughts and voice to the One who is always there, ready to listen.  The Lord knows the moment we are awake and open our eyes (Psalm 139:2).  He knows our thoughts before they are voiced.  He is attentive and waiting for our thoughts and voice to turn to Him.

It makes sense to me to lay all my requests for the day before Him before even getting out of bed.  So often, I wake with thoughts of what the day could or should hold.  Laying before Him my worries, my plans and projects, and my loved ones makes getting up much more positive!  I can face the day with a lighter spirit, trusting Him to work.

“O Lord, in the morning, shall I direct my prayers unto Thee and will look up!”

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