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Road Rage

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Scripture for Today: Proverbs 17:14 “Starting a quarrel is like breaching a dam; so drop the matter before a dispute breaks out.”

Road rage is unfortunately pretty common on the Southern California freeways.  Perhaps we can all learn from this chill dog!  But it can start slowly with mounting frustration at the inconsiderate or unsafe behavior of others.  The body tenses and the mutterings begin.  From there it can escalate into yelling and cursing, complete with hand gestures!  Rolling down the window and getting personal is never a good thing.  Stopping the car is even worse and getting out to confront is a sign of complete loss of control.  Road rage was on the news again this morning showing two grown business men resorting to blows!

Our verse for today pictures that mounting anger as a breach in a dam.  It begins slowly as a small trickle but can mount so quickly, pressuring that wall of restraint to the breaking point!  Letting it all out and losing control may give temporary relief.  But the resulting damage can last a lifetime.

My anger may be completely justified.  But allowing it to build and burst will cause pain for which I will need to apologize when calm is restored.  Anger is not so much the issue as the loss of control it can bring when left unchecked.  There is a way to experience anger without sin (Eph. 4:26) but they usually go hand in hand with me.  The anger robs my self-control if I allow it to seethe.  Time, unwillingness to forgive, and seeking revenge all work against me.  Usually, I am more hurt than the one with whom I am angry!  If my anger is controlling my thoughts and emotions than surely, the Holy Spirit is not in the picture.  His control gives self-control.

Lord, make this an “anger free” day!



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