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Scripture for Today: Romans 6:23 “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

It is such a small insect.  The nymphs are as tiny as poppy seeds.  Their bite is so inconsequential as to not even be noticed.  With warmer weather comes the increased risk of being bitten by a tick.  But how risky can such a little thing be?  There is Lyme disease but now the experts are warning of a similar virus called “Powassan.”  However, unlike Lyme infection this tick-bearing disease can infect a person in a fraction of the time and in 10% of the cases it is fatal.

Our verse for today talks about serious consequences for our sin.  It is not fatal only 10% of the time but all the time.  Thankfully, the remedy is given to us as a gift in the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.  But an individual sin can look as harmless as that tiny tick.  If brushed off immediately, it has no chance to attach to the skin and do damage.  But sin, regardless of how inconsequential it seems, will always do damage.  It attaches itself to our soul and transmits disease for which there is no human cure.

It is easy to excuse myself for what was done with a good ulterior motive.  I can rationalize that lie as being little and white.  The French call that slip-up a “péché mignon,” meaning just a little weakness.  But my sins are fatal and I need His grace and forgiveness.  Left in my sins I only deserve what is coming to me.  But the gift of God wipes out my debt of sin and gives me true life!

Thank you Lord, for ridding me of what separates my heart from Yours.



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