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steeple unnamedScripture for Today: Psalm 36:5 “Your love, Lord, reaches to the heavens, Your faithfulness to the skies.

I have had the privilege of living for decades with fabulous French cathedrals practically in my back yard.  I have seen so much ornate architecture in my years in Europe that the wonder and grandeur of their cathedrals almost seem commonplace.  But there is something about the simplicity of a white steeple on a New England chapel that touches my heart!  The steeple draws the eye up toward heaven as if it were a pointing finger.  Can anything rival the sky above?

Our verse for today draws our gaze upward, just like that simple steeple.  The heavens not only “declare the glory of God” but they also declare the love and faithfulness of the Lord.  Its vast expanse reminds me of how tiny and insignificant I am compared to how majestic He is!  His love and faithfulness are as big as that vast expanse of sky.

The phrase, “the sky’s the limit,” does not apply here!  God IS love and there is no limit.  He is faithful and true to His character.  His yes is always yes and His promises sure.  His eternal nature makes His attributes eternal as well.  One cannot exhaust His love or faithfulness.  Our infidelities and failures will never change who He is.  He is faithful to who He is and His love will never fail.

Looking up to the heavens reminds me.  Too often I am distracted by looking down.  All I can see sometimes is my own little world of problems and I miss the bigger picture.  The eternal perspective escapes me.  The steeple lifts my gaze to where it belongs!

Lord, may the skies be a reminder today of Your love and faithfulness to me!

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