Devotions By Jan

The Horse

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Scripture for Today:  Psalm 32:9  “Be not like the horse or the mule, which lack understanding, which must have their mouths held firm with bit and bridle, or else they will not come with you.”

“Flicka” was the name of the horse I rode as a camp counselor at Summer Park Ranch in New Mexico.  She was sweet and calm for the most part.  She did have some intestinal problems that meant we were always at the end of the line, but I enjoyed her submissive spirit, most of the time.

Flicka had the problem of being what is called, “barn sour.”  She was fine leaving the barn for the trail.  But the minute we turned towards home, she picked up speed.  Off she would trot or even gallop in anticipation of being back at the barn to eat and rest.  As an inexperienced teenager, I had to learn how to use that bit and bridle to slow her down.  It was never easy.

In our verse today we are told not to be like the horse needing a bit and bridle.   They need to be controlled as they have no real understanding of what is good for them.  We, on the other hand, know we need the help and guidance that the Lord offers.  The context of this verse is a promise to instruct and teach us in the way we should go.  He does not force us in a certain direction with a bit and bridle.  He instead waits for quiet submission on our part to be led by Him.  I need His guidance.  There are choices ahead that I do not dare make on my own.  His way is the way I want.

Lord, keep me from following my own limited understanding.  Guide me in Your perfect way.


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