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Keeping Score

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scoreunnamedScripture for Today: Psalm 103:10 “He does not treat us as our sins deserve or repay us according to our iniquities.”

One little mistake on the part of the scorekeeper could change the game.  I have done score keeping for my husband’s French basketball team and it was stressful.  I could not look away or be distracted.  Every call and change had to be correctly noted with careful attention.  I would much rather sit back and enjoy the match, especially one as close as this.  The score keeping equipment was dated and there was plenty of potential for error.  Thankfully, a mistake I made was quickly caught and corrected.

The love described in I Corinthians 13 points out that it “keeps no record of wrongs” (verse 5).  Today’s verse shows what love in action looks like on God’s part.  He does not keep a record of wrongs when sin is confessed and forgiven.  Because of His love and grace, He does not treat us as our sins deserve.  We are not repaid as we should be for our wrongdoing.  We do not deserve His wonderful forgiveness! What we deserve is judgement.  But Christ took that just punishment on Himself in our stead.

If the Lord gave me what I deserve, I would be in big trouble!  I am so grateful for His complete forgiveness.  There is no record of my wrongs.  He does not bring up my past.  Rather, He has removed my sins “as far as the east is from the west” (verse 12).

The Lord asks me to extend that same grace I enjoy from Him to others.  The past is the past and I do not want to bring it up.  A loving healthy relationship does not keep score.

Thank you Lord, that You do not keep score.  Help me not to either.

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