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Plumping Lips

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Scripture for Today: Psalm 12:3-4 “May the Lord cut off all flattering lips and every boastful tongue that says, “We will triumph with our tongues; we own our lips – who is our master?”

Who is it that decided that plump overly large lips are sexy?  That pouty look is all the rage and whole industries have been created to make those lips look more kissable.  There are lots of make-up tricks to achieve the look.  There are also methods using cinnamon oils and other natural ingredients.  For the truly courageous there is the option of collagen injections.  For my daughter, full lips were discovered accidentally as a result of an allergy to fresh plums!

Today’s verse describes the flattering lips.  These are lips that use words to manipulate and gain power.  What these lips say is pleasant to hear.  Truth plays no part.  These is boasting and arrogance communicated with these lips.  They answer to no one and they are their own master.  No one has the right to tell them what to say or refrain from saying.  They can use the truth when convenient, or not.  They use words like, “misrepresent” rather than “lie.”  Rather than apologize, these lips will say, “it was regrettable.”

What a contrast these lips are to the words of the Lord.  They are described as “flawless” (verse 6).  God’s words are like silver refined in a furnace and purified seven times.  I would much rather my lips resembled His.  But I am unable to attain that standard on my own.  He alone is capable of controlling what comes out of my mouth. (James 3:7).  Through His Spirit, He provides that self-control.  My lips may not look like the photo, but “an honest answer is like a kiss on the lips!” (Prov. 24:26)

Lord, be the Master of my lips today.


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