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Thin Ice

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george-the-cat-on-thin-ice-480x350Scripture for Today: Psalm 89:2 “I will declare that Your love stands firm forever, that You have established Your faithfulness in Heaven itself.”

This kitty is trying to walk on thin ice.  I have yet to meet a cat who enjoys getting wet.  This one is walking oh so gingerly to avoid falling through the ice and getting an unintended freezing bath!  So many factors are against him.  The ice could be thinner in spots or the air temperature could change.  A sideways slip could move him off the ice and into the surrounding cold water.  How much more reassuring to walk and stand on firm ground!

Today’s verse is about standing on something that is firm forever.  There is no chance of it failing to take our weight.  It will hold us up when every other kind of love lets us down.  There are no outside factors or circumstances that will change it.  God’s love is completely dependable and faithful.  When God establishes something, nothing under Heaven can change it as His decrees are firm (Psalm 19:9).

He has not only declared that He loves me but He has proved it with the ultimate sacrifice; His death on the cross.  What other evidence do I need?  And yet, there are times when I do doubt it.  Knowing my dark heart I wonder how He could possibly love me.  It is a true miracle that He does.  Thankfully, He does not love me because I am lovable.  If that were the case, it would be thin ice indeed!  It is out of His grace that He has committed Himself to love me and not because I deserve it.

“O, the wonder of it all….just to think that God loves me!”  Help me to stand firmly in Your love today.

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