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Like, Follow and Share

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Like-Follow-Plus-ShareScripture for Today: Psalm 96:3 “Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous deeds among all peoples.”

We place quite an importance on three simple words in social media; “like,” “follow,” and “share.”  Whether it be Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin, we look for the feedback of our readers on different social media platforms.  There is a definite progression from simply liking an entry, to becoming a regular follower, to then sharing and promoting the content to others.  Sharing with others seems to involve more effort.  In fact, analysts have found that sharing is a whole lot less popular that liking.  They found that sharing feels more like work while liking seems more like play!

I could not help but see the spiritual parallels!  Today’s verse is about moving to that last step of “share.”  Of course, for the believer the word “like” is much too watered down for what is felt for the Lord.  To really know Him is to love Him with all one’s heart, soul, mind and strength!  And a love like that wants to follow Him in the “paths of righteousness” He sets before us.  But getting to that third step of sharing with others is sometimes the most difficult.  We are to declare to the nations His glory and tell others of all the wonderful things He has done for us!  We are even to proclaim the salvation He has given us “day after day!” (verse 3)

What the Lord has done for me is too good not to share!  He has shown His grace and faithfulness to me time after time.  The way He has met my needs over the years is nothing short of amazing.  The way He has led me is nothing I could have ever scripted for myself!

Lord, give me the opportunity to share You today!

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