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Scripture for Today: Matthew 11:28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and heavy burdened, and I will give you rest.”

This poor dog looks completely spent.  Not sure what his day looked like, but apparently it was exhausting!  I look exactly like this, especially during the frantic-paced Christmas season!  The normal do-able schedule goes out the window with the addition of shopping, parties, baking, concerts, decorating, etc.  But of course, this picture could represent many times during the year when life just seems too much!  When the coming weekend will not give me respite then I know I am too busy!

Today’s verse does not promise that the schedule will be lighter.  These words of Jesus do not even promise sleep.  But they do promise something even more important; rest for our souls.  The circumstances may not change, but our sense of peace and well-being can change.  It does not involve exercise, calming music, going to church or a hot tub.  This rest He promises goes much deeper and touches our innermost being.  It is a rest that lifts the weariness and burdens of our hearts.

I so often miss it.  The answer is too simple.  I am to come to Him in faith and quietness.  All the distractions of the day can fade away in His loving presence.  All the worries and anxieties crowding my mind can be laid aside.  It is as if I have been holding my breath trying to keep it all together.  But when I kneel in His presence and soak up His love, I can give a sigh of relief.

Thank you Lord, for the rest You promise.  Keep me coming to You all day long.



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