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Ornate Frames

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Scripture for Today: Psalm 115:1 “Not to us, Lord, not to us but to Your name be the glory, because of Your love and faithfulness.”

I appreciate a fancy picture frame but this one goes a little overboard!  The frame is so ornate that it cannot help but distract from whatever picture it surrounds.  The whole point of a frame is to highlight and draw the eye to the photograph.  A photo inserted in this frame would be completely swallowed up!  Sometimes, the simpler the frame the more effective it is in showcasing the picture.

This ornate frame made me think of the concept in today’s verse.  We can get carried away with our own importance.  We forget that our role as believers is not to showcase ourselves and our own accomplishments, but to draw attention to our Creator.  He is the central figure, not us.  He is to be glorified and honored for His incredible love and faithfulness to us.  Our role is to showcase all He has done and His perfect attributes.  The frame that detracts is the frame that is full of self-importance.

Of course, God’s glory is too immense to be overshadowed by anything man can do or create.  But anytime I take credit for something He has done for me, than I am failing to do what I am created for; glorifying His name.  To acclaim Him is my purpose for living.  To exalt Him, to praise Him, to extol and tell of His powerful and awesome works is why I am placed on this earth (Psalm 145).  Whether the frame is made of gold or wood is of no importance.  He is the One most worthy of all praise!

Lord, don’t let this day pass without me praising Your name to others!

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