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High Surf Advisory

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la-me-ln-high-surf-advisory-in-effect-for-southern-california-beaches-20140822Scripture for Today: Psalm 107:29 “He stilled the storm to a whisper; the waves of the sea were hushed.”

It is not uncommon to hear of high surf advisories in our area of Southern California.  The National Weather Service uses this term to describe any pounding surf that poses a danger to those in the water.  This alert can also mean the presence of dangerous rip currents or “sneaker waves.”  The sneaker wave is a coastal wave that is much greater in force and height than the ones preceding it.  It is unanticipated and takes one by surprise.

Today’s verse is reassuring as a reminder of God’s absolute control of the waves and the weather.  He stills the storm to just a whisper.  The waves that looked so menacing are hushed in a moment at His command.  What is less reassuring is verse 25 where He spoke and stirred up the tempest that lifted  the waves up high to begin with.  In this psalm several negative scenarios are described where God allows circumstances that cause people distress.  Each time they cry to the Lord and each time with love and tenderness He responds.  The Lord allows the difficulty to show Himself powerful.  He shows His unfailing love and His wonderful work in a way that would not have been otherwise seen.

Those waves ebb and flow in each life.  There are wonderful times of calm, but perhaps more often, the winds are blowing and the waves are rough.  But with each storm He is there, ready to show Himself powerful and build up my faith.  He is faithful and has never yet failed me.  He will not let those waves overcome me.  He has already overcome the world and I can trust Him!

Thank you Lord, for Your steady love holding me up!

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