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Scripture for Today: Proverbs 19:11 “A person’s wisdom yields patience; it is to one’s glory to overlook an offense.”

It has been years since we have cooked with teflon-coated pans in our home.  With the controversy over the PFOA used in its production, and the release of toxins at high heat, we thought it better to stick with the cast iron.  And stick we do!  I have to say I miss the ease of clean-up with non-stick coatings.  But as long as there is a question about risk to health, I would rather be safe than sorry.  A few extra minutes at the sink seems a small price to pay.

Today’s verse talks about overlooking an offense.  Those insults and innuendos do not have to stick.  The one who lets that verbal jibe slide is the one who is taking the high road.  The intended insult and humiliation does not stick when there is no response or biting reply.  That offense may have been unintended.  Sometimes, the offense is only a perceived one.  In any case, what was nasty or negative can actually work in one’s favor when responded to with wisdom and patience.

I wish I were coated with teflon!  I wish those hurts would slide right off my back.  Too often, I remember every word of a past insult.  How unlike the Lord!  Jesus did not take offense and quit when He was insulted, spit upon and mocked.  He went all the way to the cross and was glorified by the Father.  Any offense I face from others is so very small in comparison.  He wants me to overlook it with grace and forgiveness.  In doing so I am well viewed by others, but more importantly, He is glorified!

Lord, make me wise and patient enough to let it go.

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