Devotions By Jan

The Flamingo


Scripture for Today: Hebrews 5:14 “But solid food is for the mature, who by constant use have trained themselves to distinguish good from evil.”

The brilliant pink and orange of the flamingos never fail to fascinate me.  This social bird with long legs and long curvy neck looks so stately and graceful.  But it is their color that makes them stand out.  As newborns, they are a bland white and grey.  But because of their shrimp and algae diet high in carotenoids, they turn this beautiful vibrant pinkish orange.  I guess the saying is true then, “You are what you eat!”

Today’s verse refers to a diet of “meat” meaning the more profound truths of Scripture.  The one who has a steady diet of meat is the one who is trained in righteousness (verse 12) and can distinguish good from evil.  It is a process over time and constant use.  Meat is not just knowledge or citing verses by memory.  Meat and spiritual maturity come from a constant use of God’s Word in daily life.  Over time the meat-eater will be able to teach and mentor others (verse 12).

It is not difficult to see who are mature in their walk with the Lord.  A long steady diet of God’s Word slowly changes believers, giving them wisdom to choose the right path.  Our spiritual maturity is not measured in years but in consecrated time in His Word and in intentional application.  Obeying God’s Word and hiding it my heart slowly changes me from the inside out.  If I am what I eat, then what color am I?  Am I still white and grey, pale pink or the most brilliant pinkish orange?

Lord, keep me motivated to read and apply Your Word today!

2 thoughts on “The Flamingo

  1. Hey Jan, What wonderful insights you gleaned from observing and considering the flamingo in light of God’s truth’s! A great reminder to me how important it is to eat several times a day to grow and stay strong, so we need to be in God’s word daily and not take too many fast’s!……justa thought….since I’m not a shrimp or algae kinda gal, maybe I’ll pick up a lil pink hair dye to look more mature! Thanks for your wisdom from above and sharing it with us. Jenny


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