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The White Ibis

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Scripture for Today: Job 38:36 “Who gives the ibis wisdom or gives the rooster understanding?”

Perhaps the rooster is given understanding to know when to crow.  I often wish he was not so understanding!  But how is the ibis wise?  It could be because he knows to fly in the energy-conserving V formation.  Maybe he is wise because he uses his long beak to feel for and capture his prey without even seeing it.  I like to think he is wise because he is mostly monogamous!  Of course, these behaviors are instinctive but they show more wisdom and understanding than some humans demonstrate!

Today’s verse reminds us that it is the Lord who gives wisdom and understanding.  It is given, not earned.  He is the Source and gives freely to all who ask in faith (James 1:5-6).  He not only gives but gives generously and without reproach.  Without asking Him, we are not wise.  We may think we know the best solution to our predicament.  But with His wisdom there is always the potential for something better.  That is because there are consequences we do not anticipate.  He knows the future.  He can see the outcome.  Every decision made without His wisdom to guide and direct is suspect.

I am not an instinctive creature.  God created me with the ability to ponder, weigh options and reflect on possible outcomes.  But sometimes, these God-given abilities make me an independent thinker.  I think I can make decisions just fine without Him.  And sometimes things work out.  But before long, the Lord will humble me to the point where I see my need to ask Him.  How much better to recognize my limits and ask Him in the beginning of that decision-making process!

Lord, thank you for the gift of Your wisdom every day for every decision.

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