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Never Alone

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Scripture for Today: Matthew 28:20b “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

I enjoy my alone times.  The solitude is often welcome after being around people, voices and noises all day.  There is something calming about that solitude.  We all need differing doses though.  My need in no way resembles that of my husband.  He is energized by people but for me, there comes a time when I need to retreat.  I even need retreat from the one most dear to me.  Living in a 900 square foot home, those alone times are sometimes difficult to come by!  But the alone times are starting to feel a bit long with my husband traveling.

Today’s verse reminds us that for the believer, one is never really alone.  These words of Jesus were said just before leaving earth and ascending into heaven.  How reassuring it must have been for those disciples to hear!  A Comforter, the Holy Spirit, was to come soon and they would never ever be alone again.  This promise is valid just until the end of time when we are brought into His literal presence in Heaven.

It is an incredible comfort to feel His constant presence.  He knows my unvoiced thoughts.  He can relate to all of my emotions.  As my Creator, He understands every motive, doubt and impulse.  No one on earth can possibly know me like He does.  And yet, He still loves me!  His presence means that I can open up and share every little thought or disappointment.  He is an active caring listener unlike any other.  It is incredible that I cannot bore Him.  I may be alone, but because He is always there, I do not ever have to feel lonely!

Thank you Lord, for always being there!

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  1. Randy did a great job at CBC, we were blessed.


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