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The Cedar Tree

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Scripture for Today: Psalm 29:4-5 “The voice of the Lord is powerful; the voice of the Lord is majestic. The voice of the Lord breaks the cedars; the Lord breaks in pieces the cedars of Lebanon.”

Our recent winds were impressive, sending tumbleweeds across the freeway and downing some trees.  It was so sad to see a majestic palm tree toppled over on its side.  But to topple a cedar tree would have meant a much more powerful wind.  This tree can reach up to 130 feet and diameters of eight feet.  The cedar is highly valued for its quality timber, oil and resin.  What a shame to see one of these mighty trees damaged!

Today’s verse uses the image of the cedar tree to illustrate just how powerful and majestic the Lord’s voice is.  Just one word from God can break the strong and mighty cedar into pieces.  Just one word from God can bring this impressive tree crashing down to the ground.  Something so seemingly powerful and stable is entirely vulnerable to the sound of His voice.

The cedar tree was used as a symbol of the arrogance of man in Isaiah 2:13-14.  It stands proud and lofty, much like those who seek to exalt themselves.  God will humble all pride and bring down low every arrogant thought.  He alone will be exalted.  He will break down the cedar-like pride of every individual who has not already humbled themselves before Him.  Instead of standing tall, one day every knee will bow (Phil. 2:10).

The majestic and powerful voice that breaks the cedar is the same voice that also speaks love and forgiveness when I bow the knee.  His voice becomes soft and gentle for His own sheep who recognize and follow Him.

Lord, open my ears to hear, respect and follow Your voice.


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