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The Lemming

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Scripture for Today: Exodus 23:2 “Do not follow the crowd in doing wrong. When you give testimony in a lawsuit, do not pervert justice by siding with the crowd.”

This sweet little creature is so misunderstood!  The myth out there that lemmings commit mass suicide is just that, a myth.  It is true that the lemming will migrate in large groups when their population becomes too dense.  And sometimes there are unfortunate accidents as they follow one another into a body of water too large or into a terrain too steep.  The term, “lemming suicide,” is unfounded but often used as a metaphor describing people who unquestioningly follow the crowd, even at their peril!

Today’s verse commands the Israelites not to follow the crowd in doing wrong.  The temptation to fall in with the majority is a strong one.  But this tendency has the potential to pervert justice, especially in the court setting.  The crowd mentality makes impartial judging impossible!  The crowd mentality is a force that can sweep an individual to go against his conscience.  There is something about being on the side of numbers that silences that voice of doubt or caution.  “Might makes right,” is the thinking of those who are in power and are the majority.  By blindly following the crowd one risks to forgo the blessing God promises to those who follow Him!

I find it difficult to stand up and do differently than everyone else.  It is much easier to fall in with the crowd.  But as a believer, the Lord wants me to consider my ways and turn my steps to His statues (Psalm 119:59).  The steps of the crowd are taking them away from the path of life.  Those green pastures and quiet waters are in the opposite direction!

Lord, keep me from following the crowd today!


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