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Scripture for Today: Matthew 19:5 “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh.”

The termite can wreak havoc in Southern California as they feast on the wood of our homes.  They seem secretive and destructive.  There are three kinds; workers, soldiers and reproductive termites.  Only the reproductive ones are able to fly.  Both the young kings and queens will fly from their home in a large swarm as they search for a mate.  Each royal pair will emerge from the swarm together and establish their new home, breaking off their wings as they settle down!

Today’s verse is the answer Jesus gave to the Pharisees seeking to trap Him with questions on marriage.  He quotes what God established in the beginning in Genesis 2:24.  The step of marriage is to be binding.  The commitment it requires is much like those termites breaking off their wings.  The original and best plan for marriage is that it be exclusive and permanent.  One new flesh is created from two.  Tearing apart the two can cause excruciating pain.  The Lord in His love and compassion gives us the best plan to avoid that kind of pain.

God’s plan for marriage can seem restrictive.  But to give love the best chance to flower and last is within that safe place of total commitment.  We endure whatever pain or inconvenience there may be by “tearing off our wings.”  It shows that we are serious to stay together.  The world says that one is somehow missing out.  But I know differently.  It is through many years of ups and downs, trials and joys that my love for my husband grows.

Thank you Lord, for giving me the strength and power to tear off my wings and stay.

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