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babyIMG_20160412_184735Scripture for Today: Psalm 106:7 “When our fathers were in Egypt they gave no thought to Your miracles; they did not remember Your many kindnesses and they rebelled by the sea, the Red sea.”

Thumbing through my children’s baby books was not something I had done for years.  Dates, times, and numbers carefully noted brought back a rush of memories. Pictured here is a congratulations from President Ronald Reagan in response to the birth announcement I sent him!  With the arrival of each of my three children, I tended to be progressively careless about noting facts.  The first born’s book is bulging but the third baby’s book is pathetically thin.  At the time I thought I would always remember.

The miracles the Israelites experienced would surely be remembered!  They had lived through and been protected from the plagues in Egypt.  But when the next obstacle confronted them, they gave no thought to what God had just done for them. God was kind and gracious to deliver them from the Egyptians by parting the Red Sea.  But apparently not everyone was too enthusiastic to enter those waters.  Today’s verse says that some were rebellious.  However, when they saw the miracle, they believed His promises and sang His praise (verse 12).  But, they soon forgot what He had done (verse 13).

I relate to these people.  I have seen God do some incredible things in my life.  His provision for us over the years has been nothing short of miraculous!  He has moved government officials to overlook our mistakes.  He has provided opportunities that I could never have scripted for myself.  Yet, when faced with a new challenge, I give no thought to His past miracles.  I do not remember.

Lord, keep my faith strong.  Help me remember all Your miracles and respond with trust and praise!


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