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rosesIMG_20160327_161331Scripture for Today: James 1:3-4 “…because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”

I am thinking that my roses need some fertilizer.  They bloomed for this spectacular show and then decided to quit.  Probably, the soil needs to be replenished with nutrients.  In my area the soil is especially dry and full of clay and in need of some help.  But we all know how fertilizer is made from animal matter, human excreta or vegetable matter, at least the organic variety.  Rotting vegetables from a compost pile is not too appetizing.  And the bat and bird guano is just a discreet way of saying something else!

The Bible is full of references to plant growth and fruit to picture our spiritual journey.  Today’s verse explains that we become mature in our faith by developing perseverance.  It all sounds wonderful until we realize that the only way we develop that lovely flowering perseverance is through some stinky trials.  The hard times drive us to our knees and cause us to cry out to Him for help.  When we see God work, our faith grows.  The next time we find ourselves in the middle of hard times and heartache, we are more likely to stay strong and healthy.

I wish there was a less painful way to grow and bloom.  But the beauty and color is more vibrant when born of hardship.  It is a comfort to me to know that a horrible circumstance that has nothing to recommend it can be used by Him.  He does not waste that stinky situation.  In His hands it serves to develop something beautiful in me!

Thank you Lord, for using it all to grow my faith!


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