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Flip Flops

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flip flopIMG_20160519_085943Scripture for Today: Numbers 23:19 “God is not human, that He should lie, not a human being that He should change His mind. Does He speak and then not act? Does He promise and not fulfill?”

I would never have thought to use flip flops as a table centerpiece!  Thankfully, the flip flops were new and not used!  Living in this beach culture, I see this footwear in most any social setting imaginable.  Our local mall has a store exclusively dedicated to flip flops.  But the name of this footwear also calls to mind the idea of changing one’s mind or position.  In this presidential election year, flip flopping seems to be common on both sides of the political aisle!

Today’s verse reassures us that God will not flip flop.  He is not like us but always says what He means.  He never says He will do something and not come through.  When He speaks, He acts.  When He makes a promise, it will happen.  He can back His word with the power to do it.  Being all knowing, God would never say that He was unaware of the extenuating or changing circumstances.  No matter how many promises God has made, they are “Yes” in Christ (II Cor. 1:20a).

Living in a world of broken promises, it is sometimes hard for me to really take the Lord at His word.  Too many times it is easier to doubt than to believe that He means what He says.  He says He loves me.  He says He will care for me and cause all things to work for good.  He does not disappoint.  I cannot think of even one time that He has proved Himself unfaithful.  Yet, I still hesitate to live like I really believe it!

Give me grace Lord, to trust You more.


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