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Scripture for Today: Psalm 40:3 “He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God. Many will see it and fear the Lord and put their trust in Him.”

There are a few songs out there that can really get stuck in one’s head.  The popular term for this is the “earworm.”  One such song for me is the Disneyland song, “It’s a Small World  After All.”  You’re welcome.  But there are others too that stay with you all day.  That catchy tune just repeats itself over and over and before long, you give up fighting it and just hum along.

Today’s verse is about a new song that we can enjoy having in our heads!  It is a personal song that praises and gives glory to God for what He has done in our life.  This song is not only directed to the Lord but others are affected by it and helped to faith.  This new song of David’s praises God for lifting him out of the mud and setting his feet on a rock.  What happened to him was worth singing about!

I have a new song too.  It is new because His mercies are new every morning (Lam. 3)  The lyrics change daily as He continues to faithfully work in my life.  My song is not a rehashing of last season.  It is not someone else’s song.  It is unique as it reflects my praise for my story.  He is honored by it despite whether it is in tune or beautiful to anyone else.  He is both my audience and the inspiration for the lyrics.  If this song turns into an “earworm,” I am fine with that.

Lord, I loved yesterday’s song but please give me a new song today!


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