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Scripture for Today: Psalm 119:14 “I rejoice in the lifestyle prescribed by Your rules as if they were riches of all kinds.”

My Mother-in-law is a huge fan of Elvis Presley, so it only makes sense that she would love to visit his Graceland home.  This opulent mansion sits on fourteen acres in Memphis, Tennessee.  The museum it has become attracts over 600,000 tourists each year from all over the world.  It is the second most visited home in America after the White House.  Of course, Elvis enjoyed all the goodies that go with fabulous wealth.  One funny fact is the buzzer he had under his dining room table, there to summon the kitchen staff.  His lifestyle was the envy of many, but it is said that his choices led to his untimely death at forty-two.

Today’s verse talks about an entirely different lifestyle.  It is one that brings joy, although one would not think so at first glance.  It is a life that follows rules.  Where is the joy in that?  We normally feel that a happy life is one that is not bound or restricted by rules of any kind.  But His rules are different.  His rules make possible a full, rich and abundant life.  Guilt plays no part of it when we enjoy His forgiveness.  Worries about tomorrow do not destroy our peace.  Following God’s way brings blessings that are as enjoyable as riches of all kinds!

It is so difficult to stop equating financial ease with happiness.  It is a message I constantly hear.  I know better but I still am influenced by this very prevalent thinking.  Even harder to grasp is the idea that God’s rules can make life work and bring joy.  But this is what He promises.

Thank you Lord, for the riches You give in following Your way!

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