Devotions By Jan

In or Out?

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Scripture for Today: Matthew 5:6 “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they will be filled.”

What this cat is doing looks very familiar.  Our Tiger does the same thing.  He stands at the door waiting to go out.  Then, when he is out, not two minutes go by before he is back at the door waiting to come in!  And before I know it, he is waiting to go out once again.  He never seems happy about where he is!

There is a store in France called, “Un Jour Ailleurs” meaning, “One Day Elsewhere.”  That store name sums up the problem of cats always wanting to be elsewhere!  I can identify with Tiger.  Often I find myself longing for my homeland, only to be pining for France soon after my arrival!

Our verse for today promises happiness and satisfaction.  But the condition is that I long for the right things!  The one whose desire is to live a life in right standing with God can find contentment.  He has already given us everything that is needed to live a godly life (II Peter 1:3)  He does not frustrate our desire to live for Him.  He will enable and equip us.  He gives immense satisfaction in our service for Him.  When we hunger and thirst after a righteous life, He will make that life worth living!

Can I really be happy and complete regardless of whether I am in or out, here or there?  God says, “Yes!”  He offers to satisfy the desires of my heart when I make living for Him my delight.  My contentment and satisfaction will never come from style of life or location or material goods.  It all comes from my relationship with Him.

Lord, may hungering and thirsting for You bring me blessing today.


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