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Broken Pottery

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unnamedScripture for Today: Psalm 31:12 “I am forgotten as though I were dead.  I have become like broken pottery.”

This happened.  I do not want to name names.  It was just one of those unfortunate freak accidents.  My Polish pottery is not only beautiful but special as it reminds me of trips to Poland with friends.  I doubt I will ever have the chance to replace it.  I had to bite my tongue so as not to make the culprit feel worse.  It is only an inanimate object and relationship is certainly more important.  There is not much use for it now unless I want half portions, which I do not!

In our verse for today David feels like broken pottery.  He feels the utter contempt of his enemies.  He is shunned by his neighbors and becomes an object of dread.  It is as though he were useless and of no importance.  David feels himself slipping into depression and views his life as falling apart.  The psalm turns around in verse 14 when he says, “But I trust in You, Lord.”  He begins to see the abundance of good things God has done and ends the psalm addressing all who hope in the Lord to be strong and take heart!

There are times I can relate to these feelings of loneliness and brokenness.  But like David, I can turn to the only One who can pick up those broken pieces and make something new and useful from them.  It is never too late to trust Him because in His capable hands, nothing is beyond repair.  It is because of His grace that I can take heart, regardless of my circumstances, regardless of my failures and regardless of broken relationships.

I am never forgotten or defeated because of His incredible healing love!  Thank you, Lord.

Look familiar?  This is a summer re-post due to ministry schedule.

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