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Plymouth Rock

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Scripture for Today: Psalm 61:2 “From the ends of the earth will I cry to You. When my heart is overwhelmed and fainting, lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.”

My daughter warned me that I would be “underwhelmed” when viewing Plymouth Rock on our visit there in Massachusetts.  And she was right.  Legend has made this purported site of the Pilgrim’s landing into something large and looming.  In reality, this rock is quite small and unimpressive, being only one third to one half of its original size.

Today’s verse talks about another Rock that will not disappoint.  It is not made smaller by erosion and the passage of time.  This image of a rock speaks to our fatigue and weakness.  The prayer of the Psalmist is that he would be led to the Rock.  That tells me that the Rock is not necessarily in my line of vision during those times when I am overwhelmed.  When my heart is fainting within me, I am not seeing too clearly.  The Rock is even higher than I am, and yet I need to be led to it.

My first inclination when overwhelmed is not always to cry out to the Lord.  But what a wonderful promise is written here that when I do, He comes to my aid.  He leads me to a place of strength and refreshment for my spirit.  This Rock is higher, bigger and better than any of my feeble attempts to tough it out on my own.  His strength is constant and constantly available.  He is not only the Rock but He is my Rock. (Psalm 18:46)  With His strength I can be strong, firm and steadfast! (I Peter 5:10)

Lord, please be my Rock today.

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