Devotions By Jan

The Earthworm

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Scripture for Today: Psalm 22:6 “But I am a worm and not a man, scorned by everyone, despised by the people.”

Earthworms are disgusting whatever their size!  But this one is small compared to the one discovered in South Africa at twenty-two feet!  There are 2,700 different kinds of this slimy creature but their role in nature is amazing.   They till and aerate the soil, making it more fertile.  They have no lungs, breathing through their moist skin.  There is no love lost for the worm on my part, but they have love to spare having no fewer than five hearts!  And of course, fish love the taste of a fat worm!

Today’s verse sees King David in a pity party.  He feels as lowly as the worm, scorned, and despised by the very people he serves.  He is insulted and mocked and the people shook their heads at him.  Like Christ would later experience on the cross, David felt abandoned and forsaken by God.  But the pity party is short-lived as David turns his troubling thoughts into a plea for strength, deliverance and rescue (verses 19-21).  David begins this psalm feeling like a worm but then realizes that God has not despised or scorned him (verse 24).

I remember singing as a child the Worm Song; “Nobody likes me, everybody hates me.  Guess I’ll go eat worms…”  I have not felt sorry enough for myself to resort to eating worms, but I can relate to what David was feeling.  When I feel misunderstood or ill treated, I can easily fall into that unhappy “poor me” state.  How gracious the Lord is to care and lift my head (Ps. 3:3).  His love for me is from everlasting to everlasting (Ps. 103:17) and remembering that changes everything!

Thank you Lord, that Your love lifts me up!


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