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Shearing Sheep

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Scripture for Today: Hebrews 12:11 “No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it.”

This silly sheep disliked shearing so much that he hid in a cave for six consecutive seasons to avoid the ordeal.  With the sixty extra pounds of wool he could barely move!  Life was getting a bit difficult and it was probably with a sense of relief that he finally gave up and allowed himself to be sheared.  Without shearing, that wool fleece becomes heavy, soiled and unhealthy.

In today’s verse there is a harvest, not of wool but of righteousness and peace.  This harvest requires a process that can be as uncomfortable as shearing.  The Lord’s discipline is unpleasant and painful.  But for the believer it is not a question of punishment.  Jesus took on Himself that punishment on the cross. Discipline is love in action and a sure sign of belonging to Him. (verse 8)  Just as a father lovingly disciplines his son, so the Lord corrects and trains through discipline. (verse 9)

When I am experiencing something negative in my life, I can sometimes wonder if it is a “trial” or “discipline.”  But usually it is clear.  I am like that three year old who looks sideways at the parent to see if he is watching.  There is rebellion in my heart when I refuse to acknowledge that something is wrong.  When I stubbornly continue my behavior the Lord lovingly corrects me for my good.  When I finally give up what I know is wrong, that heavy weight on my back is lifted!  Like the newly shorn sheep, I can run and jump and move with ease!  Peace and righteousness feel good!

Thank you Lord, for Your loving correction.

(Look familiar?  This is a re-post due to summer ministry schedule.)


One thought on “Shearing Sheep

  1. hey, dear Jane! Hope you fine. Thank you for this meditation. I like the sheep’s image, that shows both accumulation and fermeture. Ideed, when we go on sinning, we don’t like to meet “saints” neither to stop thinking about what is wrong…
    It leads to become bitter and agressive.
    Now, Bible is clear: we have to be careful about bitterness ( hope it is the wright word) , cf Hebrews 12:15.
    I agree with you also, when you link love and punishment: I know a 17 years old girl who did cry because her father told her ” NO” for the first time of her life: she was not crying because she was sad but because she was so happy he finally becomes intersted by her!!
    ( please correct my English if necessary, I have to perfom…)
    God bless you


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