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Lifetime Achievement Award


Scripture for Today: Genesis 15:1 “After this, the word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision; ‘Do not be afraid, Abram. I am your shield, your very great reward.'”

George Clooney has just been announced as this year’s recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Film Institute.  He is being honored for his achievements as an actor, writer, producer and director.  He has won two Oscars as well as other honors.  And it cannot hurt that he remains so good looking, although that may not have influenced those bestowing this award!  In any case, this award represents approval from people for noteworthy achievements.

Today we bury my 95 year old Mother.  Her lifetime achievements are not so well-known or noteworthy.  But right now she is enjoying her reward.  This reward lasts for eternity and it does not depend on the approval of men..  Today’s verse explains that Abraham’s reward is God Himself.  Abraham enjoyed an intimate relationship with his Creator.  He was even called, “God’s friend.” (James 2:23).  He, like my Mother, was able to enjoy his reward while here on earth.  But to literally be in His presence is a reward that surpasses any other!

I think the world of my Mother but of course, she was not perfect.  However, I know she is enjoying her “Reward” because of God’s grace and forgiveness.  Although she spent her life following and obeying Him, she did not earn her place in His presence.  She is there because of God’s grace.  And I know, because I have accepted His grace as well, I will one day be able to hug her again.  I know she is hearing God’s approval as He says, “Well done, My good and faithful servant.”

Thank you Lord, for being our very great reward!




9 thoughts on “Lifetime Achievement Award

  1. Beautiful tribute to your mom! Rejoicing with you, through your grief, of her heavenly reward and a life well lived for Him. Love and prayers during this time of loss, H.A. and Jan

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  2. You have our Sympathy, yes she is enjoying her reward, but we who are left, miss them a lot. My Mother spent her life playing the organ in church, from age 13 to 72, then she stepped down because she was afraid she was keeping the younger ones from using their talents that God gave them. I can’t tell you the times she told me that, she missed serving her Lord. But when she got in the care center at 90, she started playing that organ for all the singing and to entertain all who sit many hours, not doing much. But God took her home at 97, and that last year, she would put her hands on the keys, and not know what to do. I can see her now using that talent again, she loved the Lord, and couldn’t wait to go home. What a wonderful treasure you had too, and the longer your Mother is gone, the more you appreciate how they showed you how to love God too. Will be thinking of you today Randy and Jan, we love you guys.


  3. Thank you for being a daily guide and strength to us. Today we want to be a strength to you. I believe having your mother leave this world is the hardest day of our life. You have reminded us that it is the most glorious day as well, knowing she will be with our Lord forever. Thank you and prayers for strength and peace to you and your family.


  4. Sweet tribute to a beautiful soul. xxxooo


  5. Dear Jane, at first, I’d like to tell you all my compassion, about the suffering you are in. It is always a hard time, when our lovely one leave us, even if it is to meet the Light, and to be forever in peace. For you, who are here in pain, life seems to be heavy – for a while.
    May God Helps you to walk on this path.
    And, how beautiful il the comparison between your joyful Mom and an actor so happy by his own glory. Your Mom, so happy beacause all joy she had in heart cale from our wonderful Savoir: how beautiful is her smile!!
    je continue en français, j’ai du mal à trouver mes mots: je voulais dire que la beauté la plus belle est celle de ta maman avec son sourire radieux, et cette beauté intéreireu qui illumine le regard.
    Que Dieu t’accorde Sa paix.

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