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Coconut Oil

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Scripture for Today: Hebrews 1:9  “You have loved righteousness and You have hated lawlessness.  Therefore God, even Your God has anointed You with the oil of exultant joy and gladness above and beyond Your companions.”

When I smell coconut oil, it transports me back to younger days at the beach!  I associate the smell with a tropical vacation and in fact, one of its claims is that it reduces stress.  Coconut oil is called, “the wonder oil.”  I can understand calling it that if even half its claims are true.  Coconut oil is purported to be good for skin and hair.  It is supposed to improve digestion and increase immunity.  They say it speeds up healing, keeps organs healthy and boosts heart health.  I have no idea how much of this is actually true.  I just know I like the smell and taste!

Today’s verse refers to Jesus Christ.  In fact the name, “Christ” in Greek means, “anointed one.”  God set apart and anointed Jesus in giving Him a position that is above any other.  He not only is worthy of this distinction, but this anointing oil comes with joy and gladness.  Despite awful betrayal and death, Jesus experienced exultant joy and gladness.

I, too, am anointed with oil!  Psalm 23:5 says that the Lord does this for His own.  I am set apart for Him.  The oil also represents His Holy Spirit, who testifies with my spirit that I belong to Him (Romans 8:16).  This oil is surely the “wonder oil!”  His Holy Spirt is the Source of joy in my life as part of His fruit (Gal. 5:22).  And like Christ, I can experience joy and gladness despite my circumstances.  His joy is deep down in my heart where nothing can touch it!

Lord, I want to feel that joy today!

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