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Cows Coming Home

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Scripture for Today: Isaiah 63:14 “Like cattle that go down to the plain, they were given rest by the Spirit of the Lord. This is how You guided Your people to make for Yourself a glorious name.”

In Bavaria, Germany there is a tradition about bringing the cows home.  After spending the warmer months of the year in the hills and mountains, the cows are brought down to the lower elevations.  They are moved to the plains before the onset of winter.  But this yearly trek is done in style!  The cows wear elaborate headgears made of flowers for the occasion!

Today’s verse pictures God’s leading of His people towards rest as cattle being led to the plains.  In this seasonal change of residence, there will not be so much moving or climbing up and down.  Some days they may not even leave the warmth and shelter of the barn and all their needs will be met.  The Lord knows and cares about the needs of His people.  He sees when they need to slow down.  He knows when they need to rest.  He understands when there needs to be a different season of life.

Rest is an illusive commodity during a busy season.  Rest seems impossible for the student preparing for exams or the mother of young children.  Physically, the idea of rest sometimes needs to be tabled for later.  But what is so amazing about our God is that in the midst of busyness, He can provide rest for our souls!  Our burden does not have to be heavy when we consciously hand it over to Him (Matt. 11:30).  I can find that rest in closeness with the One who is “gentle and humble in heart.”  He will care for my every need.

Help me Lord, to find that soul-rest today!

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