Devotions By Jan

Cable Car Caroling


Scripture for Today: Psalm 147:1 “Praise the Lord. How good it is to sing praises to our God, how pleasant and fitting to praise Him.”

It was 1969 and our church youth choir had to get special permission from the city of San Francisco to reserve two cable cars.  I have sung in choirs at lots of different venues over the years including; street corners, European cathedrals, grottos, and the Rose Bowl.  But I will never forget singing my heart out up and down those steep streets!  Today, there are many different fundraisers and community groups who carol on these cars.  But in the 60’s it was not so common.  We got lots of funny looks, but we also got passerby’s joining in!

Today’s verse encourages us to praise the Lord through song.  It is fitting because it is His due and He deserves it.  But in addition, it is a good and pleasant experience.  Christmas time is the perfect opportunity to praise Him as so many of the older carols spell out who He is and why He came!  Thankfully, there are no restrictions in this verse that the singing needs to be on key or pleasant to hear!

I sing to and for Him.  But what is so incredible is that it does me so much good as well.  Praising God in prayer and listening to sacred music turns my heart toward Him.  But nothing lifts my spirits more than singing His praise!  It brings me closer to Him as I know He always listens.  Not only is my spirit involved but so is His Spirit as songs prompted by Him help me make music from the heart (Eph. 5:18-19)

Today Lord, “tune my heart to sing Thy grace.”


2 thoughts on “Cable Car Caroling

  1. Dear Jane
    do you remember how marvellous it was, when we sang Amazing Grace in prfound cave in Sardaigne? How great is our Lord, to give us such good moments topraise Him!!

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