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Scripture for Today: Ephesians 4:3  “Be eager and strive earnestly to guard and keep the harmony and oneness of the Spirit in the binding power of peace.”

Could these two be any more different from one another?  Yet, rather than fighting like cats and dogs, they seem to have found some measure of peace.  My daughter has two dogs and a cat and the domestic scene is not always as harmonious as pictured here!  The cat often tries to eat the dogs’ food and the dogs try the same thing!  Everyone has their personal space to be respected…..or not.

Today’s verse talks about something as unnatural as cats and dogs getting along together.  Harmony.  Oneness.  Peace.  It is not in our natures to strive for this.  It is so much easier to divide into factions or to stand up for one’s rights.  We want recognition and special treatment even at the cost of unity.

Without the Lord, peace with other believers would not even be possible.  Thankfully, we have the working of the Holy Spirit in our hearts.  Our differences do not need to separate us.  Our differing races or languages do not have to be a barrier to harmony.  Even differing styles of worship do not have to divide us when we are walking by the Spirit.  Being “one” was the prayer of Jesus in John 17:23.  He prayed that our oneness would be a testimony to the world!

I am thankful to experience this oneness with French believers.  It is truly a work of the Spirit that unites us.  We are so different from one another.  Yet it is our common love for Jesus that binds us together.  That bond of peace is so sweet and worth all the effort to guard and keep!

Lord, keep me striving for unity and peace.

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