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Playing Solitaire

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Scripture for Today:  Mark 1:35  “Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where He prayed.”

Among the many pastimes possible when one finds oneself alone is the game, “Solitaire.”  Any tabletop game played alone qualifies.  The term can refer to games played with tiles, pegs, stones or cards.  I am most familiar with the card version.  It is a game of luck and the probability of winning is low.  The British call this game, “Patience,” for good reason!  I admit that I get impatient with the cards and to end the game will rearrange the cards to win!  My reasoning is that there are usually better things to do with my “alone time.”

During the short three years of Christ’s ministry, alone times were rare and precious.  The context of today’s verse describes a time when Jesus was surrounded by people needing healing.  In fact, the whole town gathered at the door of Peter’s home well into the evening.  The next morning, when one would think about sleeping in after such a busy day, Jesus got up early to be alone and to pray.

It is when I am alone and the house is quiet that I am most likely to hear His voice.  When there are no distractions I can open my heart to Him.  Sometimes that time of precious communion has no words but is rather a time of being still.  Other times my prayers are a torrent of worries and questions.  In any case, He meets me where I am and reassures me of His presence.  If Jesus needed alone time with the Father, how much more do I!

Help me Lord, to find that sweet solitary place with You.


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  1. For me too Jan Thanks.. we live in a noisy world. Sometimes I go to Dana Point and sit in quiet as the boats go out. I can hear God there.

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