Devotions By Jan

A Lamb on the Lam

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Scripture for Today: Luke 19:10 “For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.” 

This sweet little lamb was “on the lam” after surviving a semi-truck accident where all the other 74 sheep were killed.  She led would-be-rescuers on a merry chase throughout the night until they caught up with her!  The phrase, “on the lam” is sometimes misunderstood as “on the lamb.”  It means to escape or flee from justice.  But it comes  from an old Norse word meaning to make lame.  In 16th century English the word morphed to mean to beat soundly, then further changed to signify,”beat it.”

Today’s verse could be a mission statement to describe the life of Jesus.  He came to seek us out.  We are all like sheep that have veered off the right path (Isaiah 53:6).  But instead of owning up to our mistake, we run for cover!  We hide from the absolute Holy One.  He seeks us out, not to condemn us but to save us from our own folly (John 3:17).  Being “on the lam” works against us as His intent is to forgive and restore!  It is natural to run from Him when we feel the shame of our sin, but He seeks us out to make it right, having taken on Himself the just punishment we deserve.

It is exhausting to spend a whole lifetime running from Him!  But when we keenly feel our “lostness” He responds to our cry for help.  I am so grateful that I am found!  He left the other 99 sheep just for me!  (Matt. 18:12-13)  Because He is my Shepherd, I will never be in want.  The running is over and I am safe in His arms.  No one can pluck this sheep from His sure strong hands.

Thank you Lord, for seeking me out!

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