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Light and Dark

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Scripture for Today: Ecclesiastes 11:7 “Light is sweet and it pleases the eyes to see the sun.”

It is amazing how sunlight, or the lack of it, can affect my mood.  I enjoy living in an area known for its sunshine.  In fact I am a bit spoiled in that I often take it for granted.  I hardly notice the sunlight after a string of sunny days.  But as soon as the clouds or a marine layer obscure the sun, I realize how good I had it.  Having that contrast with the darkness makes me more appreciative.

Today’s verse is written by Solomon in a book filled with references to the sun.  The phrase, “under the sun” is often used when speaking of the futility of life.  All of life is said to be meaningless and vain if not lived in right relationship to God.  Even sweet light and the pleasure of seeing the sun has no real meaning without knowing its Creator.  But one thing that enhances our enjoyment of the sun is remembering the darkness (verse 8).

Today is a dark day.  Who knows but that tomorrow could be another dark day.  But I have hope that the sunlight of His presence will get me through whatever hard times I face.  And even when I am in a season of sunlight, remembering those darks days helps me appreciate every ray of sunshine He gives me.  I am so thankful that He is a loving personal God who gives me just the right amount of darkness and sunlight.  I can trust Him as He gives to each day what He knows is best.  He allows pain and pleasure, and “mingles toil with peace and rest.” (Day By Day)

Thank you Lord, for the sweet light of Your presence.

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