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complaintdear-customer-please--note--that--our--complaint--department--haScripture for Today: Psalm 142:2 “I pour out my complaint before Him; I show before Him my trouble.”

I cannot remember the last time I saw a sign for a “Complaint Department.”  And I can understand why they would not want to be too visible.  Making this department as inaccessible as possible seems smart!   Inviting a disgruntled customer to express his frustration seems like inviting trouble.  To be the person handling the complaints would require enormous patience.  I would not be the best qualified for this position!  Perhaps the complaint department has been replaced by expressing poor reviews on social media.

The verse for today was written by David while hiding out from Saul in a cave.  He had plenty of reason to complain.  Saul was intent on killing David without cause.  His complaints were voiced out loud and he cried out for God to deliver him.  David did not try to sugar coat his emotions.  He complained of his troubles.  But like so many of David’s psalms, he ends it on a positive note with confidence that God will work in his favor.

I take heart when I read this psalm.  The Lord knows exactly what I am thinking and feeling.  I might as well voice it and get it all out in front of Him.  Nothing shocks the Lord and He can take it.  Unlike the person handling customer complaints, His patience with me is infinite!  Not only does He patiently listen, He has all the power to do something about it.  And like David, voicing my complaints and troubles to Him puts me back on my knees in prayer.  Before long, He reassures me that He is on it.  I can look at my troubles differently after handing them over to Him.

Thank you Lord, for patiently listening.

Look familiar?  This is a repost due to summer ministry.

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