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Champing at the Bit

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Scripture for Today: Psalm 106:13 “But they soon forgot what He had done and did not wait for His plan to unfold.”

This horse is the picture of impatience, champing at the bit.  He looks a bit nervous or excited with those wide eyes.  And that is exactly when a horse may grind his teeth against the bit.  He champs on it rather than chomps as the bit fits into a toothless ridge.  Champing means to grind one’s teeth.  In any case, the phrase (using champing or chomping) has come to refer to impatience to get started.

Today’s verse refers to the Israelites who quickly forgot God’s miracles.  When the Lord dried up the Red Sea and delivered them from the Egyptians, they responded with songs of praise.  But soon after, they forgot what He had done when faced with the next crisis.  They preferred to “champ on the bit” rather than wait and see what the Lord had in mind.  God had given them the promise of their own land, but they had to wait for His plan and His timing.  And waiting is hard, so they complained.

God gave a promise to David that he would be king.  But he had to stop and wait for the Lord to work it out.  Sarah was given the promise of a son, but she waited years and years for the miraculous way God would bring it about.  Over and over we wait for God to unfold His plan for us.  We have the promises.  We believe.  But we do not have the details.  God so often asks me to stop my own efforts and wait for Him to work.  He wants me to wait as a show of faith that I believe Him.

Lord, help me to wait with joy and expectation for Your perfect plan.



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