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Climbing Mountains

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Scripture for Today: Ecclesiastes 2:22 “What do people get for all the toil and anxious striving with which they labor under the sun?”

I love a good challenge.  Having worthy goals can stimulate and engage us.  Without them we can become bored and disinterested in life.  But it is not always easy to balance the need for new mountains to climb and the ideal of being content.  When the summit is reached, there can be a sense of deep satisfaction at the accomplishment.  The problem comes when that feeling dissipates.  And from the summit we see new mountains to climb.  Do we stop climbing and find contentment on our summit?  Or can we be content while continually seeking new mountains to climb?

Today’s verse from King Solomon asks a good question.  Why do we work?  Why do we strive and toil?  Whether it is for altruistic or selfish motives, what is our purpose for our mountain climbing?  After all of Solomon’s accomplishments he concluded that though his “heart took delight” in what he had done (vs. 10) he felt it was meaningless.  A life of significance that is meaningful has nothing to do with reaching our financial or vocational goals.  But it has everything to do with relationship.

There is no higher more satisfying goal than to know Jesus personally.  It is a relationship that is all consuming and never ending. Knowing Him is not only a life-long process, but an eternity-long process.  Our God is so grand and awesome that one can never come to the end of knowing Him!  He is the life-giver, the life-sustainer and the reason for which I live.  Knowing, loving and serving Him is the mountain I climb.  I will never reach the summit and that is fine with me as He gives me such joy along the way!

Lord, let me climb higher today!



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