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Super Bowl Counterfeits

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Scripture for Today: I John 5:20 “We know also that the Son of God has come and has given us understanding, so that we may know Him who is true. And we are in Him who is true by being in His Son, Jesus Christ. He is the true God and eternal life.”

One of these coveted super bowl tickets is not like the others.  The only one that is authentic is the one on the far right.  All the others are counterfeits and whoever buys them will be sorely disappointed when attempting to enter this much anticipated event.  I can just imagine the keen disappointment when turned away at the gate!

Today’s verse shows us where our defense against counterfeits is found.  Knowing Jesus is knowing truth.  He calls Himself truth and life (John 14:6).  What’s more, He is eternal life.  Those who understand this truth are not duped by counterfeits.  Satan tries to sell his version of true life by offering freedom from restraints.  Or he lulls people into thinking that a few good works is all that is needed to enter those gates.  Counterfeit life can feel like true life but it ends in death rather than life (Prov. 14:12).

Jesus says He is the Life.  He has come to give real and abundant life, found in relationship to Him.  Anything else is counterfeit.  When I find that intimate daily relationship with my Creator, I experience life as it is meant to be lived.  I do not want counterfeit life.  I want the real thing.  Regardless of what kind of day I am having, I want it to be genuine.  For even a day in His courts is better than a thousand outside (Psalm 84:10).  He makes my life abundant by His very presence!

Thank you, Lord, for true life!








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