Devotions By Jan

Sour Grapes



Scripture for Today: Jeremiah 31:29 “In those days people will no longer say, ‘The parents have eaten sour grapes and the children’s teeth are on edge.'”

Eating sour grapes would not be something I would do on purpose.  And I would hope that people would not characterize my attitude as “sour grapes.”  This expression is thought to come from a fable of Aesop about a fox.  He could not reach some grapes high above him so he declared them sour.  Sour grapes has come to describe someone who disdains something just because they cannot have it.

Today’s verse comes from a proverb also using this expression.  The Israelites were using the term differently to acquit themselves of any wrong doing.  The exiles’ children born in captivity in Babylon felt they were unjustly suffering consequences of their fathers’ sin. This was just another version of the “blame game.”  They were excusing their own sin as if they had no choice for their behavior.  The Lord explains in Ezekiel 18 why they should no longer quote this proverb as each person is responsible for themselves.

Things have not changed much as it is so easy to blame others!  Of course, there are hereditary influences that can put me at risk for some behaviors.  No family is perfect.  But I am responsible for my own choices and I am not obligated to continue what was modeled.  Because of God’s power and grace there is hope that cycles can be broken.  No family influence is stronger than the power God gives me to live differently.  There ought not to be sour grapes with me as the Lord has given me every spiritual blessing and all that I need to live a godly life (II Peter 1:3).

Thank you Lord, for Your power and grace!


2 thoughts on “Sour Grapes

  1. Our lives are not perfect, but I know God loves me, and when I bring my heartache to Him, He always gives me the strength and hope that I know we can get through this too. Thanks for another great devotion.


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