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The Lily of the Valley

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Scripture for Today:  Psalms 56:8  “You have taken account of my wanderings; Put my tears in Your bottle.  Are they not in Your book?”

In France,  bouquets of lily of the valley are offered to friends on May 1st to wish them luck and happiness.  This day (their Labor Day) is called “Fête du Travail” or “Fête du Muguet” meaning lily of the valley.  I love their delicacy and sweet smell.  Legend has it that these are the tears of Eve as she was banished from the Garden of Eden.

Today’s verse tells us there is a bottle belonging to the Lord that holds our tears.  With this beautiful imagery we understand that God knows about every deception and every sorrow. The Lord is aware of every wandering and every tear drop.  King David had plenty of occasions to shed tears.  When he wrote this Psalm he was on the run for his life.  His enemies were constantly after him.  Apparently, real men DO cry.  But he was confident the Lord knew of his circumstances and his feelings.  When David cried out, he was reassured that God was with him and for him.

He sees my tears too.  Although this is poetic imagery, I like to think of Him saving every drop.  It shows me that I am precious to Him.  He even sees the unshed tears that stick in my throat.  God’s awareness of my circumstances and emotions would be meaningless if He did not also care.  But He not only cares, He has the power to do something about it!  He consoles like no other.  He comforts.  He sees and understands.  He reassures me that He is on my side.  No other one can dry my tears like He can.

Lord, thank you that one day there will be no more tears.

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