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Bulletproof Backpacks

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Scripture for Today: Psalm 139:5 “You have enclosed me behind and before, and laid your hand upon me.”

What a discouraging reality that bulletproof backpacks are part of the back-to-school market!  Whether buying the backpack itself or a bulletproof insert put inside a backpack, the idea is to provide one’s child with an extra layer of protection. This measure only protects from handguns but not from any other kind of firearm.  So perhaps this product does more to ease a parent’s fear than anything else.  I always wonder if the backpack does any good if not positioned in the right direction of the threat!

I love the assurance of today’s verse!  Regardless of the direction of an immediate threat, the Lord has the righteous covered!  With His love and protection He has enclosed one behind and before.  Because He is omnipresent He completely surrounds those who belong to Him.  He has laid His hand upon the believer.  Nothing will ever happen that He does not allow and incorporate into His individual plan.  He does not intend that the righteous live their lives in fear but that their hearts remain secure (Psalm 112:8).

Whatever measures I take for my security are limited and there are never any guarantees.  I live in a fallen, broken world where evil threatens.  My security cannot be found in my environment.  My security is found in the fact that He is before me, behind me, and on all sides of me!  It may be that God would allow violence to touch me as He has allowed it for others.  But nothing can touch my soul and my eternal future with Him! (Matt. 10:28)  I have no reason to fear as He is my ultimate security and He will never disappoint!

Thank you Lord, that You lay your loving hand on me!

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