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Co-Parenting App


Scripture for Today: I Timothy 2:5 “For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus.”

These two sheep seem to be communicating just fine.  But for many divorced parents, the communication between Mom and Dad continues to be as explosive as when married.  In an effort to stay out of court, some judges mandate that the parents try a co-parenting application.  The idea is to reduce conflict and improve communication through custody calendars, records for shared expenses and a private messaging center.  A warning appears when the app senses abusive language or sarcasm.  The application is sometimes called a “robot mediator.”

Today’s verse talks about the only mediator needed between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus.  He is the only One who is uniquely qualified as both fully man and fully God to be that mediator.  Jesus as the sinless Great High Priest, ever lives to make intercession for us to the Father.  He is there at the right hand of God for that very purpose (Romans 8:34).  Every time Satan accuses us, Jesus intercedes.  Every time we feel unworthy because of our sin, Jesus intercedes with the reminder that He paid for that sin.

Jesus, being my mediator, assures me that I can enter that heavenly throne room and approach with confidence (Hebrews 4:16).  Because of the blood of Jesus I can receive mercy and find grace for every need (Hebrews 10:19).  No one else can do that for me!  How incredible it is that I can draw near to the God of the universe because of my faithful Mediator!  He is the bridge that spans the chasm of sin that once separated us.  Because of Jesus, I can enjoy a communication and closeness unparalleled.

Thank you Lord, for being my perfect loving Mediator.

2 thoughts on “Co-Parenting App

  1. I suffered through two divorces from physical, mental and financial abuse for ten years. It was when I was at the breaking point that the Lord led me to church and the pastors home for help. Through Our Lord, and my pastor and his his wife I found an attorney who helped me sue these unfair judges in Supreme Court of Ohio and win. Then I left the state and their horrible system. My son became a divorce attorney but he has Diabetes 2 and works too many hours. My grandson will be an attorney next year and my granddaughter in her 20’s just bought her first condo. She is a graphic artist. So God is the answer. My children were all baptized by 10 yrs old. We have all been saved by God at various times that were miracles unexplainable. I cannot tell you how IMPORTANT IT IS TO INVOLVE YOUR CHILDREN IN SUNDAY SCHOOL AT AN EARLY AGE. MY Grandparents on both sides were Christians. My father and mother were active in church which helped me actively promote summer Fun every weekend all summer for highschool kids. We had a great couple that were our leaders. I thank God Daily and pray with friends on the phone. Some miracles leave people scratching their heads because they can’t believe what they have seen! Believe in Miracles! They DO still happen. If you give your life to the Lord, HE will always be with you and help you survive whatever you encounter as long as you TRUST IN HIM!


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